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The lower back and abdominals make of the core in the center of the body. Properly balanced strength in the body’s core provides support and additional strength extending outward to your limbs. Without core strength you can impair the joints, muscles and limbs in your arms and legs. A strong core also aids in a healthy digestive system.



Repetitive motion throughout the day and routine exercise without attention flexibility can result in tight muscles that impairs range of motion and cause injury. Proper flexibility training fixes imbalances in your muscles and nervous system, and can also improve circulation.


Obtaining muscle tone involves more than simply lifting heavy weights. Doing the correct rotation of exercises and varying weight during progress points within the rotation is a highly effective method to achieve muscle tone in a healthy way and without injury.



Similar to core strength, when we lack proper posture the rest of the body suffers. The back, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles compensate for poor posture and over time injury occurs. Correcting posture is like learning any new habit,
however, once it’s corrected the body benefits tremendously.



Nestor Mamchur is currently earning his certification in exercise therapy in order to provide rehabilitative training for clients with sports-related injuries or those recovering from a recent surgery.

Core Strength
Flexibility Training
muscle tone
posture correction
injury recovery
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